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Book White Water Rafting direct from $194, with a BBQ lunch included and no experience necessary. Tully Rafting is a full day tour from Cairns or Mission Beach that you will be talking about for years to come, and the highlight of any holiday to... More
Book White Water Rafting direct from $194, with a BBQ lunch included and no experience necessary. Tully Rafting is a full day tour from Cairns or Mission Beach that you will be talking about for years to come, and the highlight of any holiday to the Cairn

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About Tully River Rafting

TULLY RIVER Full Day White Water Rafting

TULLY RIVER Full Day White Water Rafting

Australia’s Best Rafting Location

Book White Water Rafting direct from $169 Self Drive, with a BBQ lunch included and no experience necessary. Tully Rafting is a full day tour from Cairns or Mission Beach that you will be talking about for years to come, and the highlight of any holiday to the Cairns region. Why look elsewhere?

Raging Thunder has over 30 years experience on the Tully River and a 100% commitment to white water rafting safety.

Our medical questionnaires are designed to keep rafting as safe as possible for people from all nationalities and walks of life, while still allowing everyone to experience the thrill of rafting.

Check out the mighty TULLY RIVER

The Tully River is regarded as Australia’s premier rafting location, with grade 3-4 level rapids plunging through World Heritage Rainforest.

Recently announced as home to the 2019 IRF World Rafting Championships, you can raft all year round in spectacular scenery and a beautiful tropical climate!

The Tully River

The Tully River

Begin your day with collection from your Cairns, Northern Beaches or Mission Beach accommodation and travel south to the spectacular surroundings that await you. The Tully Riveris situated in stunning World Heritage Listed rainforest and offers an awesome day out rafting grade 3-4 rapids over 5 hours.

Enjoy a well earned barbeque lunch alongside the river bank.


  • Grade 3 & 4 guided white water rafting
  • Guaranteed water levels all year round
  • All tuition provided, no experience necessary
  • Delicious BBQ lunch provided
  • Accommodation transfers ($30.00 pp)


What You Get

Coach Transfers From Cairns or Northern Beaches

Coach Transfers From Mission Beach


Self Drive to Tully $169.00


  • Minimum age is 13 years
  • Not suitable for anyone who is pregnant
  • Prices valid to 31st March 2020.


  • Cairns 6.30am | Returns 6.00pm
  • Mission Beach 7.30am | Returns 4.30pm


  • Secure footwear (or available to hire)
  • Beach wear (board shorts and swimmers)
  • Dry clothes, towel and sunscreen
  • Daily medication
  • Your booking confirmation and money for extras

Your RAFT & Safety

Your RAFT & Safety

Each raft holds a maximum of seven passengers and one river guide, who will guide you safely down your river adventure. Infact every one of our guides is expertly trained by internationally renowned safety company Rescue 3. On each trip our River Medics keep rafting as safe as possible.

When you arrive at the river you will be fitted with a helmet and life jacket, allowing you to float along the river should you happen to fall out. Its so safe that you don't even have to be able to swim to enjoy rafting. Plus all of our rafts stay together, traversing the rapids in a carefully planned sequence with guides providing cover from the river banks.

News By Tully River Rafting

Raging Thunder Welcomes New Rafts!

Raging Thunder Welcomes New Rafts!

By Tully River Rafting

06 Oct 2017

Raging Thunder recently welcomed ten brand new rafts from South Africa to the fleet, operating on the Tully River. Raging Thunder Adventures is committed to providing world class rafts that navigate the river with more ease while ensuring passenger safety and comfort is paramount. The new delivery is part of an overall raft replacement plan which will see the company invest over $235,000 in new and upgraded equipment over a three year period.

Dave McFarlane, the Tully Operations Manager said, “the white water raft guides are really stoked to have a new fleet of rafts to use on the mighty Tully River, they look great out there on these beautiful sunny days and the customers are always impressed with the quality of the rafts they get to go down the rapids in”.

The timing of the new rafts also coincides with the launch of Raging Thunder's Tully Express, which as the new suggests, gets you to and from Tully in the quickest possible time. "Our passengers still get to experience the awesome grade 3 and 4 rapids on Australia's premier rafting river but we paddle the stretch in one hit, have lunch at the end and have you back to Cairns by 3.30pm or Mission Beach by 2.30pm" said Dave.

For further information, contact: Emily Rossi on or 07 4030 7990

Tully River Rafting Reviews


Ruth K - Tripadvisor

XTREME TULLY RAFTING - This was my first white water rafting experience and I have no idea if I will be able to top it! The Tully River is beautiful, and our guide was great. Our raft was a group of 20-somethings, so he really made it a fun trip for us. He purposely tipped our raft (safely), we cliff jumped, and we hit all the rapids at the most exciting areas. You can tell they try to get similar people in boats together. There were other groups that were a lot less daring than us; they really seem to tailor it to what you want to do. It was a great day and I would recommend it to anyone!


Paula T - tripadvisor

We were coming to the end of a 3 week Aussie holiday and decided to grab the adventure spirit and hit the rapids on the Tully River with Raging Thunder. I was a teeny weeny bit nervous about it (website photos didn;t show any any straps keeping people in the boats!EEK!) while my 13 yr old daughter (border age limit for this activity) was totally gung-ho of course! We were picked up promptly in Mission Beach and transferred to the larger wuss group in Tully (after waving off the elite extreme raftin crew!) Having read previous trip advisor reviews about getting chilled on the water and given we were travelling in 'Winter'/June, we had brought along our wetsuits to allow for comfort and sun coverage and this really added to a enjoyable day out as some of the goosebumps on the others were the size of golfballs and allowed us to pop in an out of the water as much as possible. From the start, the guides were absolutely fantastic fun, fully of infectious enthusiasm, all the while maintaining an excellent safety standard. Lunch was great with plenty of food. Average age seems to be twenties/thirties but this is totally do-able for any age. There weren't any other mom and daughter combo's but the lads made a great fuss of my daughter and she was delighted with all the attention. Great banter and rivalry between boats kept the laughs going throughout the most invigorating fun day we had in OZ. Now I just have to layer on the anti-wrinkle cream for all the laughter lines! ps the Raging Thunder photos are very well shot and well worth the extra few bob and as they're now up on my photo wall back here in Ireland, they keep the smiles coming while I look out at the rain!


Tully River Rafting

The Tully River is located about 2 hour's south of Cairns, and is rated a Grade 4, which means there are exciting rapids and a good chance you will be in the water at some stage during the day!

This trip departs daily to the upper gorge of the Tully River in a comfortable air-conditioned, video equipped coach. It is a scenic journey through cloud-covered coastal mountains, clear rivers and streams, and fields of sugar cane.

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